Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi All,

I think we should divide up to write our ethnography. Since Art History majors probably have the most experience in this sort of thing, I think we should divide that up among the art historians in the group, and leave the more artistic duties to our art majors. According to the syllabus we have to come up with:

A.  Acknowledgements
B. Ethnography:
1. Identification: Who are you? What is the name of your planet, your people? Setting - where is your location? Is it a city, a space ship, a forest on the planet?
2. Organization: What is the basic social organization? Who is the leader? What are the roles of men and women in this organization?
C. Context of the body art
1. What is the event or the context of the body art you are showcasing? Is it the royal paraphernalia of the leadership caste? Is it costumes and insignia worn in rites of passage? Is it for an entertainment troupe? What does it mean?
D. Art and performance
1. How is art used by your people? Address such things as dress for special occasions, make up, assemblage in context of such, performance art, etc.
2. Meaning and symbolism: Do various aspects of dress and adornment have special meanings for your group?
E. This performance
1. Who is honored? Who are the players? How are they dressed? What is the intent of this performance?
2. Photographs of the performance and discussion in text as well as in captions.

IV. Appendices as appropriate

V. Index

We should have one person assigned to each letter (except A, which can be a group effort), and then each writer would keep track of their own index and bibliography, which can be organized at the end. Somebody should also be assigned to edit the whole thing to make sure it is cohesive (that can be the same person who puts the index together at the end).
Even if we decide to do a video, we should still divide up and write each piece so that filming will go quickly and smoothly.

We should also come up with a deadline that the papers need to be written by. If its due on April 14, the individual pieces should be finished by April 7. That way, we have a full week to either put a video or a paper together, and do the finishing touches on our art forms.

If you are an art history major, or feel that you have stronger paper writing skills than art ability, please post your name. Once we have everyone who will be putting together information for our ethnography, we can have a meeting and decide on specific duties.



  1. I'd be happy to help with the ethnography! Also, I think we also should include information about our society's "economics" (subsistence methods, possible trade, understanding and importance of wealth) and belief system (the aging=closer to light thing, creation myth?, guiding principles, etc). I know they're not really listed in the description, but we've seen examples in class of these aspects of a society affecting their art.

  2. I'm an art history major so put me down for ethnography writing. I can also edit at the end if needed.

  3. I'm an art history minor, so I can also help with the writing. My artistic skills are limited mostly to sewing.