Monday, April 11, 2011

Performance Rehearsal!!!!

Hi all!!! We need to meet up ASAP to rehearse the performance and have a fitting of everyone's outfit... What time works for all?? I wanted to email however wasn't sure our email addresses.. I'll look again and try and find it.. However Tuesday at noon? or at least by 12:45 we know we're free, we can meet up in the Digital Media Room and I'll have all our outfits and layout of how the performance is going!

IN SHORT (more or less) the performance will be an entrance with the younger woman who will be bell ringers in the front, older woman who will be carrying an 8 yard piece of shimmering fabric, Rhonda (the eldest) will be in the middle of the fabric, and middle aged woman in the back with the fabric and seeds to prepare the ceremony that will take place in the square courtyard by FAD.

Once we're there we will set up and according (like above) to our "age" have a specific duty as part of the performance... our movements will be intentional and with purpose as we PREPARE and CELEBRATE our "sister's" (rhonda) transformation aka shape shifting aka flesh leaving expansion to the everything/plants/lights all can word it however...

The movement's will be a series of wrapping Rhonda (who will be covered in the shimmering cloth carried) however in a very performative way where the eldest woman are paired and wrapping themselves, spiraling inward toward Rhonda, and then wrapping her and spiraling out the opposing way (kind of like a maypole dance however a little more physical and we'll be part of the wrap, unwrap process where only the eldest is left wrapped (almost like a cocoon.. as we wrap out we'll be given seeds/which will have a golden element to them, by a younger member and pouring them over Rhonda..

So oldest will be wrapping, middle aged will be partial wrapping/seed givers and youngest will be constant bell ringers and will prepare the seeds for the middle aged woman...

this will end as we're all circled around rhonda ringing the bells, her fully covered..

It'll make more sense when we meet up and demonstrate!!!

THANKS FOR EVERYONES WORK and I look forward to a fun performance!!! SEE YOU SOON!!

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