Thursday, April 7, 2011

ritual choreography

Hey, I was just wondering when we're going to get together to put together the choreography and sequence of events for the ritual...We already know who's in each group, but do we have choreographers for both? (I know that the inner group isn't really dancing, but at one point we were talking about you guys ritually preparing the seed bombs, and that's kind of choreography.)

Can we all post times that we can meet? I would suggest a Doodle, but don't know how to set one up.
If we can't all meet at the same time, we could probably find times when the two groups can get together, and as long as the choreographers communicate so the two groups' movements go together. Then we can try and find a time when most people can meet up and put the two halves together, and mark through it before the performance next thursday.

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  1. Hi Kaitlyn, I don't know when we'll be meeting... I heard that we may be meeting before class on Tuesday? I suppose at that point we can split into two groups and discuss the ritual dances.

    I imagine the dances will probably have to be really simple since we have only a few days to work on it. Interestingly enough, I happened to find this mv (I watch a bit of kpop.) ABOUT mirrors. If no one has any ideas for the dancing part of the ritual, I suggest we learn parts of this dance! (We could also snag ideas from their outfits when we dress up too, haha.)

    4minute "Mirror Mirror"