Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Futuristic ideas

Here are a couple of images that came to mind when I thought of futuristic. I got a lot of my ideas from watching a lot of kpop. There are a few kpop artists who are taking on a futuristic trend in terms of styling; it could be cool to incorporate these styles together in creating a futuristic colony!

2ne1 "Can't Nobody": There are different elements of futuristic style in here, including these wrap-around wire outfits CL (blonde girl) is wearing at around 32 seconds. This song is also quite catchy!

2ne1 "Follow Me"(bottom picture): For a headpiece/face jewelry look. It's probably a more organic interpretation of a what a futuristic look might look like, but it looks pretty awesome.

Narsha "Bbi Ri Bba Bba": Her color palette is somewhat questionable, and yes, she looks really similar to Lady Gaga (but 1. that's a wig, and 2. Lady Gaga apparently took a lot of inspiration from Korean/Japanese pop culture and brought it to the US, so really, Lady Gaga looks like a bunch of kpop stars, lol.) Most important is the beginning, because there are a lot of different images of Narsha that look really futuristic. Also, her outfit is somewhat futuristic.

When I think of futuristic, I tend to think of architecturally-interesting pieces of clothing or accessories. Color palette wise, I prefer monochromatic colors, but I think you could use any color, as look as it has a metallic or latex-like quality to it.

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  1. i really like the designs on the face like that. i know some people in our group had mentioned using some of lady gag's fashion statements as a starting point to look into our own costume design