Sunday, January 30, 2011

hey guys! So I was looking through our syllabus and we have a team report due on feb. 17th so we should start fleshing out our ideas. We're definitely going with the sun-society but let's figure out names for our home planet, culture, religious ritual, etc.

Here are some interesting root words/ latin words that may give us some ideas.

Roots for sun: sol-, soli-, solo-, helio-

1. The sunflower; literally, "turning toward the sun", from girare, "to rotate, to turn".
2. An opal with brilliant flame-like yellow, orange, and red colors.
3. An opal that reflects light in a bright luminous glow.

like or similar to the sun

Scientia sol mentis
knowledge, the sun of the mind

1. pertaining to the mutual relations of the sun and moon, or resulting in their combined action
2. lunisolar period: cycle of 532 years

I also found this picture on stumble that i thought could be a good headdress idea. We can use ideas from Melanesian singsing to create our own masks that are based on the same design but individualized.

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