Friday, January 14, 2011

light beings 2

I like the idea of looking into a society of light/sun/golden women/beings that take ritualistic part in the death of one sun and perhaps the birthing of a new sun... as one sun implodes a new one is born... this almost allows us to create a story that is so basic (life and death) however gives us the freedom to go absolutely other worldly with it with bright palettes and sacred intentions...


  1. What a great idea. I can see us taking literally "light" to a whole new shine. How often do we get to have fancy Christmas lights? Or super blinding flashlights? Or even lighted robes?

  2. Agreed. I like the concept of using light (and anything that's shiny and reflects light!) Light can be quite crucial to society (unless if we're going for a futuristic society where we don't need light of course!) No matter how technologically advanced society may become, it still needs light. It is integrated into society by powering plants, which provide oxygen as a waste product, which we breathe (and live!)

    Perhaps, in our society, we modify the good old light cycle. Instead of plants relying on the light for energy, we CREATE our own species?! And, in order to keep our light source alive, we have religious ceremonies! I know it was brought up in the blog, but I can't remember by whom...

    I also really like the idea of having a Apocalyptic/ post apocalyptic society. We could be the last peoples in a world that's ending with a apocalypse or the awesome survivors in a post apocalyptic world (although, either way you spin it, you are a survivor.)