Thursday, January 13, 2011

I really like the idea of a futuristic sun-worshipping society. We could be from a galaxy whose sun is close to burning out so we perform rituals to keep it alive? I found a wikipedia page that explains different types of solar deities we can model our religion from. Usually the sun is identified with male characteristics so I think it'd be really interesting to transform it into a feminine entity since we're all women.
Some Ideas:
- In that Wikipedia entry, it has a brief section about a solar barge or a sun chariot which we can use as a prop.
- We can have priestesses dressed more elaborately than the rest of us, who will probably act as assistants or spectators
- We can incorporate Mayan ideas of sacrifice - they believed that to satiate the gods, they had to give a daily blood sacrifice (we can maybe do gold offerings?)
Here are some pictures:

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